Anti-Slip Coatings


  • Stairs, floors and walls
  • Exterior and interior areas
  • High traffic areas
  • Horse floats and transport trucks
  • Cattle runs, milking sheds, abattoirs
  • Loading, holding and production areas


  • Assists in the prevention of livestock slipping
  • Can be water blasted without causing damage
  • Protects surfaces
  • Easy to apply
  • Environmentally safe
  • Dampens noise

Livestock & Domestic Animals

Falls are a major risk in high moisture zones (such as milking sheds) with serious and costly results for both animals, workers and profits.

VerseGrip has been developed as highly flexible, anti-slip coating, impact cushioning and is capable of being water-blasted without damage.  

VerseGrip’s non-slip coatings have been tested and rated  medium-to-low risk  in dry areas and low-risk  in wet areas to support livestock and domestic animals in walking across slippery surfaces.

VerseGrip contains no dangerous solvents or volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and is applied safely in confined spaces near livestock or domestic animals. It is certified safe with Potable water.

Trafficable Areas

Each year slips, trips and falls result in thousands of preventable injuries. More than half are the result of environmental factors such as slippery floors or stairs following rain or spills, poor lighting or walkways where water can accumulate.

VerseGrip has been developed as a highly flexible, anti-slip coating, capable of being water-blasted without damage.

It is ideal for industrial, hospitality, health and residential applications, particularly for areas of high-moisture. People, animals and equipment can fall due to avoidable slips and VerseGrip provides a durable, safe, easily applied solution.

As well as protection and sealing of high-traffic surfaces, VerseGrip acts as an impact cushioning sound-dampener and is completely safe, being free of volatile organic compounds (VOCs).

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