Water Storage


  • Water tank refurbishment
  • Reservoir repair
  • New reservoirs
  • Liquid containment systems
  • Potable water
  • Irrigation Channels


  • Easy to apply to any shaped tank, even in confined spaces
  • Non-toxic; non-hazardous
  • Prevents water loss, metal oxidisation and corrosion
  • Resistant to chemicals
  • Manufactured and certified to ISO9001
  • AS4020 potable water approved and certified

Water Tank Refurbishment

Water tanks are an essential part of being a water-wise society. The VersEseal range seals invisible and hard to find leaks in water storage systems with a non-toxic chemical-resistant coating.

VersEseal may be used on already damaged water tanks or can seal new structures to extend the life of the tank or liquid storage structure, protecting metal from corrosion.

Application of VersEseal’s Waterproof Membrane System is straightforward, environmentally safe and free from hazardous fumes.

It can be applied in confined spaces without the heavy duty personal protective equipment that some products require.


Reservoir Restorations & Repairs

Reservoirs are almost exclusively confined space environments, storing water for human consumption. VersEseal is Potable water approved and the industry leader in non-toxic solutions, absent of hazardous fumes.

Having reservoirs offline frequently, or for long periods of time, can cause strain on any system, potentially causing damage to other assets. VersEseal increases safety and extends the life of investment in reservoir containment systems.

For reservoir sealing and repair, inside or out, the VersEseal range provides a total solution where leaks may occur due to low MPA concrete or cracked epoxy liners. It is not a bandaid solution but will give long-term peace of mind.


Waste Water Storage

As populations increase, both the volume and the value of wastewater will continue to grow. VersEseal is 100% Australian made, VOC free and environmentally safe.

The VersEseal range protects against potentially harmful chemicals from waste water egressing into environments, and posing a threat to the environment.

Where wildlife entering the system cause damage or leaks, VersEseal applications are easy to quickly repair, providing a longer-term and safer option than other waste water retention systems where leaks are difficult to find and repair.

VersEseal provides a protective layer to substrates and sealing structures for waste water storage for new and old liquid containment.

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