VerseGRIP is a highly versatile sealant that provides both traction and cushioning to what would otherwise be hard and slippery surfaces. VerseGRIP is a powerful sealant that is designed to conform to and coat hard surface such as concrete, steel or timber and most other surfaces. Once applied, VerseGRIP cures to a completely waterproof, durable and highly flexible membrane strong enough to last for years in the harshest climate and traffic load.


  • Excellent resistance to temperature variations
  • Excellent elongation (over 850%) and returns to shape (memory)
  • Ideal for touch-ups, repairs and small surface areas
  • Spray on application provides a fast and efficient installation time
  • Excellent adhesion to most surfaces including to damaged areas
  • Allows for thicker coverage of areas
  • Fast curing – trafficable in 48 hours
  • Excellent sealing properties (leak proof)
  • Resistant to ultraviolet radiation
  • Easy to clean promoting a hygienic environment
  • Trafficable Areas
  • Livestock & Domestic Animals
  • Expansion Joints
VerseGRIP Quick Set is used for even coverage over large areas. It is progressively applied using a hand-held spray gun to a range of thicknesses to provide a seamless finish and sets within a few hours. Once applied, VersEseal Quick Set becomes a completely waterproof, durable and highly flexible membrane strong enough to last for years in the harsh Australian climate.

VerseGRIP Rapid Build is used as an initial coverage system over joins, penetrations and other substrate imperfections. As it dries slower than Quick Set, it is applied to surfaces with a brush, roller or spray system and facilitates the bonding of geotextile fabric to the surface to create a membrane. Quick Set is then often applied over the top to provide a seamless finish. Rapid Build can also be used as a two pack application for both residential and commercial purposes.


  • Black

*Colours available in the VersEseal Top Coat range.


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